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Designing for web requires a clear understanding of every aspect of your business including product and services and your execution, which not only makes it easier for your existing customers to deal with you but it also plays a big role in attracting new customers.

In the market, there are many website developers that are available. But that also makes it confusing to choose the right developer for creation of websites. But that is when Techogital comes to the rescue.

Technogital brings you the best web designers in Dubai UAE that helps you to build an attractive and user-friendly website to complete all your needs.

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We Are Website Creators

Think big

There are seamless opportunities for anyone who is thinking about doing business in Dubai or UAE. In this age of the internet, it is a basic need to have a fully functioning website to represent your product and services.

Technogital provides you the best web designers in Dubai UAE that has a core team of professionals of every related field.

Let’s read some more information about this core team that makes an excellent website design agency in Dubai.

Expert Coders

HTML and CSS codes

The whole structure of a website depends on HTML and CSS codes. So to make a rigid structure, you should have expert coders that can help you in the creation of websites.

Technogital allows you to work with coding experts that strengthen your website intrinsically.

A rigid structure for a website not only means visible columns, but it also means that the website is free from errors and bugs.

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Graphics Designers in dubai

Graphics Designers

attractive and outstanding

Designing for web requires another essential feature. This feature is the graphics that make it attractive and outstanding from other websites.

These graphics require creative designs created by artists for online media. The designs also highly impact the appearance of website.

Technogital team has very creative graphic designers that work on brochures, flyers, magazines, outdoor media, marketing, and sales tools to give you the best website for your business to run it smoothly.

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Creative Ideas

you imagine & we design

There are millions of websites running on the internet all over the world, but most of them have an ages-old concept of information presentation.

When designing for web, it is tedious to have replicated this concept again and again. But here at Technogital, there are fresh and young minds waiting for you to fill your website with their unique ideas. They can make your website more attractive than your competitors.

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Result oriented

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Website Project Stages

With years of experience, we're 100% confident on our ability to deliver. We therefore don't tie clients into long terms contracts and are confident that our results will create a long-term relationship.


Project Kick-off

Business immersion

To learn more about your business , the objectives for your new website and any technical details, at this stage, we’ll also revisit the website site map, branding and any technical details


Concept Design

Competitors research

as a part of our immersion , we’ll identify your main competitors. we’ll review their websites and identify any strengths and weaknesses that we need to be aware of that will allow us to create a more effective and impactful website for your business. Based on this research, we’ll start the design process and present 2 concepts for review.


Internal page design


Once a concept is approved, our team will create a set of internal website pages for review. Mobile pages will also be presented at this stage so that you can see how your website will on smaller devices.


Content management (CMS)

Backend development

Once pages are approved, our programmers will develop the backend of your website by building and integrating your chosen CMS to the website. at this stage we’ll also integrate your social media accounts and other 3rd party software if required.


Security & Testing

On-page SEO

Before your website is launched, our team will run a series of final tests on your website to ensure that your website is secure from 3rd party hacks and data breaches. our team will optimise your website for search engines such as Google.


Go Live


This stage is the moment you’ve been waiting for as your website is launched to the world. once live our team will run a series of User Experience tests to track actual user behaviour and ensure that your website performs well.

Related Services

Our team are highly motivated and incentivised to provide your business with success

Custom design approach, inclusive of:

  • Full Project Management
  • 2 x Custom Homepage Concept Designs
  • Website Design & HTML CSS Development
  • Development within a PHP environment WordPress CMS
  • Onpage SEO upon Completion
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Post-Launch Analysis

the creation of right-to-left justified designs for each page of your website.

Simple integration from your website to a 3rd party system or software.

Professional website copy writing by native English speaker and writer.

Professional website copy writing by native Arabic speaker and writer

Secure Hosting on Amazon Servers.

managing your website, providing monthly reports and updating all content as required.


  • Website Technical Audit
  • Back-link and Web Analytics Audit
  • Intensive Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Unlimited Google Business Submission
  • URL Optimization
  • On-page SEO (Titles, Headers, Meta Tags).
  • Website Content Reviewing & Recommendations
  • Back-linking 
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Event Tracking & Reporting
  • User Experience & Journey Reporting
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Platform Selection
  • Audience Targeting
  • Ad Set Objective
  • Budget Allocation
  • Media Plan
  • Tracking Code Implementation
  • Ongoing Campaign Optimization and Management
  • Budget re-allocation
  • Audience Targeting Adjustments
  • Quality Scoring
  • Monthly Performance Reports and Insights


frequently asked questions

Web Design

Sometimes you visit a website on your computer, sometimes on your iPad, or other times on a mobile screen. Irrespective of the size of the screen, the website automatically accommodates its image size, resolution, and scripting abilities to match the used screen. That is called a responsive web design.

An excellent responsive web design should have the technology that allows you to choose your working preferences over that particular website. This eliminates the requirement of building different designs and development phases for every new gadget in the market.

If the website you’re trying to open is taking too much time then you’ll probably close it down and switch to another website, because there’s always another one. So if your website is also slow, then people will try to avoid opening your website. Even Google also ranks such types of websites very low.

To increase your website’s performance you should enable the compression of files, Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML languages. You can also reduce the redirects to your site, remove render-blocking JavaScript, use Leverage browser caching, Improve server response time, and use a content distribution network and Optimization of images.

When you look for a Content Management System (CMS) you should look towards all your demands. The CMS sets the pace and direction of your website so you must ask your web developer all the pros and cons of useful CMS before assigning them. You can also ask for a demo to make sure your website is going into safe hands.

You must consider your entire website’s purpose, application, and the chosen platform while choosing a CMS. You should pick the best Content Management System that has all the features that you need and is easy to use.

You can’t reach at the doorstep of every consumer to tell them about your business. But with a website, you get an online presence where you can reach out to more and more customers. A good website also makes it easier for you to interact with your consumers and reach new clients.

This overall increases business opportunities and thereby increases your sales.

Your website allows your customers to find your business easily and contact you for all sorts of deals. It automatically brings paying customers towards your business.

Consumers are growing every day and so are their demands. Many people do not go to big companies, but they turn to small companies for their needs. Not having a website for your small business keeps you away from millions of customers.

Your website allows you to receive payments through online means without your attention on every transaction in many majorities of businesses, including B2B, industrial, and manufacturing, which are greatly influenced by the digital website content. Nowadays, many people even doubt a business about its legality if it doesn’t have a website.

Having a website for your small business has many interesting benefits. Your small business website will not only promote your business and maximize your sales, but it also allows your customers to distinguish you from your competitors.

It makes it really easy for the customers to reach your business, who spend too much time on the internet to learn details about your company.

Today, a website has become one of the most important business assets when it comes to building credibility, sharing information, and it stands your business out from the crowd.