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Technogital is a leading company that offers the best social WiFi marketing solutions in Dubai. It helps you to offer free WiFi to your clients or guests and in exchange collect the user’s data to use for online marketing campaigns.

Every single person who uses your WiFi will come to a landing page. you can guide the users to buy coupons or gift cards, promote offers and discounts, download a mobile app and much more .

These landing pages also can redirect the uses to your social media pages or review websites to take an action.

Join Technogital’s automated marketing method and supercharge your business.

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Expand your Client's Database

Retaining your existing clients is very important because it greatly influences the future of your business.

Technogital offer this service to remarket your brand to your customers which plays a crucial role in client retention.

Technogital gives you the facility of using pixels on your landing page. Whenever a user logs into your free WiFi network, it is related to a social media network, such as Facebook, Snapchat or youtube that save the digital print of this user.

Later you can retarget this database, so whenever users will log in to Facebook , Instagram, snapchat or visit any website, they will see your ad.

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Coverage and security

Technogital team is backed by professional commercial grade equipments, which offers security and can handle up-to 1000 connected users at a time.

  • CISCO 
  • ASUS
  • And much more…


up-to 100% WiFi coverage of your location area and a balanced data transfer between devices the Browsing experience will be perfect.

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Suitable for many types of businesses

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frequently asked questions

Wifi marketing

Social WiFi marketing is a method of capturing digital profiles of those internet users who are using your WiFi facility at a physical location.

When the users come to your landing page, they will be asked to enter some information, such as mobile number, email ID, etc. for registration purposes.

After that, within a few rules, you will be allowed to hold and use that information for sending those people text messages, emails, and other useful notifications about your brand.

This strategy has been proved very good for increasing foot traffic, increasing the time of people over your website, and also increase in sales of the free WiFi provider.

Free WiFi can play a great role in attracting customers to your place. Free WiFi at any place enhances your marketing strategy and allows people to know about you even before they sign in.

People like to visit those cafes and hotels which serve free WiFi and this automatically contributes to your marketing.

People also feel that the company, which is providing us this free WiFi network.

This gives you a competitive edge in the market and people drive customers along with them towards your place.

People love to go to those places where they can find free WiFi. You can see for yourself that people tend to stay longer at these places. This increases the time they spend on your premises which means more sales for you.

For providing free WiFi, different business owners can have different objectives of doing that. Some business owners do it to provide the best service and get good reviews while some do it to attract more customers. Some do it to just increase their number of sales while some consider all the benefits and try to expand their work.

A captive portal is a contract page that every service provider is obliged to show before offering its services. To activate a WiFi captive portal, your laptop set up a wireless connection with an intelligent access point that may be linked with a centralized management station.

For the authentication purpose, the first web request that you make is intercepted and then replied with a location header that leads you to the login or policy page.

After the authentication, the centralized management station adds your MAC address to the list of allowed clients to complete your future requests easily and quickly.

There are several benefits that a WiFi captive portal can give you. First of all, it allows you to make a separate network to be used by employees and by guests.

It also allows you to control the connection speed ( Load Balancing ) by controlling the bandwidth of the network so that the users can do only important work and not misuse the WiFi, like streaming HD videos.

A WiFi portal gives you an edge over your competitors and makes the users think that your business is genuine and established. It helps you to make your marketing and business strategies and also helps to give you liability protection by taking agreement from the users at the landing page.

Guests always look for a secure medium to connect to the internet. So they find a service provider that provides an authorized internet connection. A Wi-Fi captive portal clearly shows all the security, privacy, terms, and conditions of the network before joining it.

Customers also get to know about your brand and after signing in to the network, they receive timely notification from you. This allows them to know all the events and offers that you are giving so they can avail the benefits.