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Social Media Marketing

We all know that the internet has the potential to elevate your business within a number of weeks. But to achieve those feet, you need help from a social media marketing agency.

Technogital is the best social media marketing agency based in Dubai ( U.A.E ) that is ready to work with you for your social media management in order to generate more and more sales.

Stay two steps ahead of your competitors always with Technogital. we will help you to create unique and targeted ads for your online or offline business effectively.

Out of the Box Ideas
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Marketing Strategy

The right strategy

Every social media platform is different from another. You cannot use your Instagram ads as Facebook ads or Google ads. it depend on many factors.

So it is important to create a different strategy for different social media platform in order to generate a cost effective engagements or conversions.

Technogital helps you put the right strategy for your ads by making different types of ads for different platforms and goals.


Ads performance

Analytics includes an in-depth analysis of the performance of various ads posted by you over social media, no matter if these are Instagram ads, Facebook ads, or Google ads.

Mainly, Technogital crate a detailed analysis of the number of the reach of your ads, the positive mentions of your brands, and the usage of hashtags by the people regarding your products and services.



The Right audiance

Targeting a specific audience is one of the most crucial features of social media management.

To expand your reach, increase engagement on your e-commerce website, and increase your number of sales in a given period of time, targeting your audience will definitely play an efficient role.

Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads are the most common and effective ads that you can form to stand out your business from others. 

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Google Ads
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Facebook Ads
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Snapchat Ads
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Planning and Publishing

The right Ad at the Right Time

Technogital gives very much importance to every aspect of marketing so it cannot neglect the planning and publishing of the ads.

Planning includes the content that you have to post on the media, for example, special videos for Snapchat ads, and the type of trending tags that you can add to your ads.

The publishing requires planning the time at which you can post the ads on social media so it reaches to maximum number of people with less CPM or CPC.

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frequently asked questions

Social Media Marketing

With social media, you get immense potential to reach out to the maximum customers. People are habitual of logging into their accounts daily and scrolling for new updates. This allows them to expose themselves to different companies and brands.

Whether you have a small business or a big company, social media form up an effective asset for your business marketing strategy.

These social media marketing strategies give a big boost to your business by maintaining a connection between you and your customers. Social media marketing also increase awareness about your brand, and thereby generate more sales.

We bet you’re on social media too and you’re using quite a few apps to know what’s going on in this world. Many big companies publish their ads on these media but if you are a small business holder, it’s important to pick what is best for you.

Facebook and Instagram are two common apps that many people are using. Both the platforms have massive audience reach, powerful analytics, and they also provide a great way to interact with the customers. The platforms also have an effective structure to target your desired audience.

Social media marketing is a new and very effective way of marketing that you can see today.

You can just post on these social media platforms and you’ll reach millions of customers in a very short time. Of course, you would have to invest some money into it to get the best results but still, it’s a very low-cost method of creating brand awareness.

Regular updates on your social media pages keep your audience engaged with your events and aware of your plans and offers.

It also helps to form a better SEO for search engines and improve brand loyalty.

No. You cannot put Google in the category of social media platforms. Google is a search engine that you use to get information about anything you want to know in this world. When you enter a keyword that you’re looking for, Google sends it to the algorithms and after crawling and indexing your words it matches your search with the useful results.

However, Google does provide you a way to communicate and interact with other users, but that works only through the comments and reviews section without any real link between you two.

Just like the others, you also search many times on Google every day. This means that Google has the potential to reach billions of customers every single day and this is why it works as one of the best places to post ads for both small and big businesses.

Big businesses have already reached their maximum people using social media marketing and other types of ads on different platforms. But for the small businesses, Google works simply fine.

Google recognizes your small business and targets the audience that might need to know about you. Google also provides you flexible timing and budget to show you ads on their pages.

Just like any other region in the world, the people of The Middle East love social media and are connecting with it progressively.

You can see clearly that there is a high penetration rate of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, while Facebook tops them all.

Facebook has become a medium of interaction for the people of the Middle East. They are using it more than ever to share their views and to know what is going on in this world.

However, the youth population of the region is exploring more on Instagram and Snapchat.