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as a web development company in dubai Technogital has gained a place in the heart of its clients and is continuing to spread smiles on more faces with its creativity and innovation.

Our endeavor lies in the satisfaction of every client and performs their unique and award-winning work in Web Design and Digital Marketing.

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Technogital is a leading company that offers a strong and stable social WiFi marketing solutions in Dubai and the UAE.

offer free high speed and balanced WiFi to your clients or guests and in exchange collect user’s data to be used for targeted marketing campaigns and much more.

With the high-speed internet network of Technogital, you can reach a maximum number of clients and build an automated  communication channel with your existing  and future clients.

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Technogital is a social media marketing agency based in Dubai ( UAE ) that is ready to generate more sales by targeting the right customers at the right time.

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Web Design

Sometimes you visit a website on your computer, sometimes on your iPad, or other times on a mobile screen. Irrespective of the size of the screen, the website automatically accommodates its image size, resolution, and scripting abilities to match the used screen. That is called a responsive web design.

An excellent responsive web design should have the technology that allows you to choose your working preferences over that particular website. This eliminates the requirement of building different designs and development phases for every new gadget in the market.

If the website you’re trying to open is taking too much time then you’ll probably close it down and switch to another website, because there’s always another one. So if your website is also slow, then people will try to avoid opening your website. Even Google also ranks such types of websites very low.

To increase your website’s performance you should enable the compression of files, Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML languages. You can also reduce the redirects to your site, remove render-blocking JavaScript, use Leverage browser caching, Improve server response time, and use a content distribution network and Optimization of images.

When you look for a Content Management System (CMS) you should look towards all your demands. The CMS sets the pace and direction of your website so you must ask your web developer all the pros and cons of useful CMS before assigning them. You can also ask for a demo to make sure your website is going into safe hands.

You must consider your entire website’s purpose, application, and the chosen platform while choosing a CMS. You should pick the best Content Management System that has all the features that you need and is easy to use.

You can’t reach at the doorstep of every consumer to tell them about your business. But with a website, you get an online presence where you can reach out to more and more customers. A good website also makes it easier for you to interact with your consumers and reach new clients.

This overall increases business opportunities and thereby increases your sales.

Your website allows your customers to find your business easily and contact you for all sorts of deals. It automatically brings paying customers towards your business.

Consumers are growing every day and so are their demands. Many people do not go to big companies, but they turn to small companies for their needs. Not having a website for your small business keeps you away from millions of customers.

Your website allows you to receive payments through online means without your attention on every transaction in many majorities of businesses, including B2B, industrial, and manufacturing, which are greatly influenced by the digital website content. Nowadays, many people even doubt a business about its legality if it doesn’t have a website.

Having a website for your small business has many interesting benefits. Your small business website will not only promote your business and maximize your sales, but it also allows your customers to distinguish you from your competitors.

It makes it really easy for the customers to reach your business, who spend too much time on the internet to learn details about your company.

Today, a website has become one of the most important business assets when it comes to building credibility, sharing information, and it stands your business out from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing

With social media, you get immense potential to reach out to the maximum customers. People are habitual of logging into their accounts daily and scrolling for new updates. This allows them to expose themselves to different companies and brands.

Whether you have a small business or a big company, social media form up an effective asset for your business marketing strategy.

These social media marketing strategies give a big boost to your business by maintaining a connection between you and your customers. Social media marketing also increase awareness about your brand, and thereby generate more sales.

We bet you’re on social media too and you’re using quite a few apps to know what’s going on in this world. Many big companies publish their ads on these media but if you are a small business holder, it’s important to pick what is best for you.

Facebook and Instagram are two common apps that many people are using. Both the platforms have massive audience reach, powerful analytics, and they also provide a great way to interact with the customers. The platforms also have an effective structure to target your desired audience.

Social media marketing is a new and very effective way of marketing that you can see today.

You can just post on these social media platforms and you’ll reach millions of customers in a very short time. Of course, you would have to invest some money into it to get the best results but still, it’s a very low-cost method of creating brand awareness.

Regular updates on your social media pages keep your audience engaged with your events and aware of your plans and offers.

It also helps to form a better SEO for search engines and improve brand loyalty.

No. You cannot put Google in the category of social media platforms. Google is a search engine that you use to get information about anything you want to know in this world. When you enter a keyword that you’re looking for, Google sends it to the algorithms and after crawling and indexing your words it matches your search with the useful results.

However, Google does provide you a way to communicate and interact with other users, but that works only through the comments and reviews section without any real link between you two.

Just like the others, you also search many times on Google every day. This means that Google has the potential to reach billions of customers every single day and this is why it works as one of the best places to post ads for both small and big businesses.

Big businesses have already reached their maximum people using social media marketing and other types of ads on different platforms. But for the small businesses, Google works simply fine.

Google recognizes your small business and targets the audience that might need to know about you. Google also provides you flexible timing and budget to show you ads on their pages.

Just like any other region in the world, the people of The Middle East love social media and are connecting with it progressively.

You can see clearly that there is a high penetration rate of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, while Facebook tops them all.

Facebook has become a medium of interaction for the people of the Middle East. They are using it more than ever to share their views and to know what is going on in this world.

However, the youth population of the region is exploring more on Instagram and Snapchat.


You can see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a strategy for digital marketing that helps in improving the ranking of your website in the search results.

The search engines, like Google, pick out the keywords that your written content has and match it with the text filled in by the user. According to these matching keywords, the search engine ranks a website for that particular search.

SEO also has two main strategies: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO are those that you use right in your website with the main content. But in Off-page SEO, you attach a path of different media in your content.


Crawlers pick out the keywords from the filled title that is to be searched and then match it with the millions of web pages of specific websites. Google and Yahoo are crawler search engines.


Directory search engines require human approval for every search. The entire website is proposed to the directory and then the editorial staff checks it to include in the search result. Internet Public Library and Open Directory Project are its examples.


Hybrids search engines are a combination of crawlers and directories. It shows the search results of humans first but you can also choose between the web and the directory.


Meta search engines search the same thing over several other search engines simultaneously and combine all results in one list. Clusty and Dogpile are its examples.

SEO is as important in 2021 as it was before. It is one of the most essential components that drive your digital marketing and plays a key role in making your content different, better, and more visible than the others.

The algorithms are helping you to make quality content but that does not mean that we don’t need SEO anymore. Quality content will only make the customers read your website and spend time on it, but to take the customer to your website; you still need a proper SEO strategy so that it can appear on top in the search result.

You can’t reach at the doorstep of every consumer to tell them about your business. But with a website, you get an online presence where you can reach out to more and more customers. A good website also makes it easier for you to interact with your consumers and reach new people.

This overall increases business opportunities and thereby increases your sale. Your website allows your customers to find your business easily and contact you for all sorts of deals. It automatically brings paying customers towards your business.

Relevant and quality content

Relevant and quality content keeps the readers engaged and also improves your website rank in search engine results.


One of the most important components of SEO is Keywords. You must choose your keywords wisely so they make the most sense and also look obvious. Appropriate keyword density and placement of the keywords also improve the SEO ranking greatly.

Update Content Regularly

To improve rank, you should update your content regularly and add relevant and trending keywords that customers mostly use during web searches.


Metadata gives you a very short description of all the content there is on a web page. So it’s important to review and update the metadata description over time.

Backlinks show us the importance of a website that’s why they are very good for SEO. Backlinks are a website in the content of another website.

This shows that other people also consider your website a good one and refer their visitors to you to provide them some more quality content.

Search engines also take backlinks into consideration while deciding the rank of a website. So earning backlinks positively affects the website’s rank and makes it more visible.

Off-page SEO is a strategy of improving the ranking of a website by building up links to other webpages and social media accounts.

These links are not just backlinks, but they are also used for promotion methods and to keep the customers engaged with you.

Off-page SEO puts a very good picture of your website over the internet. Off-page SEO allows you to add backlinks from other websites, increase brand awareness on social media and reach maximum people. It also helps people to find you more easily and all these functions collectively improve your website’s ranking.

Wifi marketing

Social WiFi marketing is a method of capturing digital profiles of those internet users who are using your WiFi facility at a physical location.

When the users come to your landing page, they will be asked to enter some information, such as mobile number, email ID, etc. for registration purposes.

After that, within a few rules, you will be allowed to hold and use that information for sending those people text messages, emails, and other useful notifications about your brand.

This strategy has been proved very good for increasing foot traffic, increasing the time of people over your website, and also increase in sales of the free WiFi provider.

Free WiFi can play a great role in attracting customers to your place. Free WiFi at any place enhances your marketing strategy and allows people to know about you even before they sign in.

People like to visit those cafes and hotels which serve free WiFi and this automatically contributes to your marketing.

People also feel that the company, which is providing us this free WiFi network.

This gives you a competitive edge in the market and people drive customers along with them towards your place.

People love to go to those places where they can find free WiFi. You can see for yourself that people tend to stay longer at these places. This increases the time they spend on your premises which means more sales for you.

For providing free WiFi, different business owners can have different objectives of doing that. Some business owners do it to provide the best service and get good reviews while some do it to attract more customers. Some do it to just increase their number of sales while some consider all the benefits and try to expand their work.

A captive portal is a contract page that every service provider is obliged to show before offering its services. To activate a WiFi captive portal, your laptop set up a wireless connection with an intelligent access point that may be linked with a centralized management station.

For the authentication purpose, the first web request that you make is intercepted and then replied with a location header that leads you to the login or policy page.

After the authentication, the centralized management station adds your MAC address to the list of allowed clients to complete your future requests easily and quickly.

There are several benefits that a WiFi captive portal can give you. First of all, it allows you to make a separate network to be used by employees and by guests.

It also allows you to control the connection speed ( Load Balancing ) by controlling the bandwidth of the network so that the users can do only important work and not misuse the WiFi, like streaming HD videos.

A WiFi portal gives you an edge over your competitors and makes the users think that your business is genuine and established. It helps you to make your marketing and business strategies and also helps to give you liability protection by taking agreement from the users at the landing page.

Guests always look for a secure medium to connect to the internet. So they find a service provider that provides an authorized internet connection. A Wi-Fi captive portal clearly shows all the security, privacy, terms, and conditions of the network before joining it.

Customers also get to know about your brand and after signing in to the network, they receive timely notification from you. This allows them to know all the events and offers that you are giving so they can avail the benefits.